9 aug. 2007

Lots of things :)

O wow.. time is flying.. and there is so much to do :). Scrap! is almost finishd. it needs to go the presser on Wednesday, I hope we can make it in time (at least its not my fault if we dont make it, I was on time with EVERYTHING!(ok not everything, still need one thing to finish) lol). It bring more stress then i could imagine before. Ah well.. Its weekend for me now, so Actually I cant complain right?
Tomorow we need to get up early to make the floor free of stuf at the office (for the new store). They are coming with a machine to sand and wax the floor. They arrive at lunchtime, so we have some time left :D. At this moment it looks like this (but then full with cabinets, because we are building a kitchen lol)
It is going to be a lot of walls to paint the whole thing, but hey, it is going to look nice right!.
Yesterday I really had a fun day!. I needed to go to Kars, to see what is coming in the next Magazine (November edition). Anita Mundt went allong with me, In the morning we did a little photoshoot. I didnt see it all yet but the things I saw are really cool! Cant wait to scrap these pictures. I really like the black and white one. I think I am going to scrap this one now, with my Candytown paper what came in Tuesday!!! (there SOOO yummie)
Happy Scrapping!!!
(Look at http://www.scrapboek.blogspot.com/ to see the new challenge tomorow!!)
Hugs! Martine

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The pictures are so beautiful!
    Good luck with your new store, what is the new location?

  2. WOW beautiful pictures honey,you look great!