9 sep. 2007

I am going to do it!!!

Tomorow morning (I am such a chicken, already), me and my dad are going to pick up a car so Martin and I can drive to Belgium with the family of my twinsister for a 2 week holiday. For poeple that know me, they understand what a HUGE step this is for me. For poeple that dont know me I am scared to drive.. (soo thats out lol). Why should I drive to belgium then??? well.. Martin and I invited Marco and Rianne to come with us to Las Vegas to see the Memory trends show (no worry's they had to pay themselfs). We would go one week earlier then the show so we could go to California since the best friend of Marco lives there. My mom would take care of the kids. Right before the CHA in Chicago we heard that a lot of big companies wouldnt go to the memory trends, and there wouldnt be a lot of new lines. The show wasnt intersting then for us. Also my mom got in the hospital with a hartinfarct and blatterstones?? (galstenen), so we diceded thogeter to cancel the USA trip. Its a good thing, becaue my mom will get her surgery to get the stones out thursday!(You go mom! Eat all the goodies you want after it! you deserve it!). But, because Rianne and Marco already asked free from work, we decided to go on a holiday togheter, Belgium or something. Not a single moment I wondered how to get there, since they have 2 kids, we couldnt go in 1 car. I never ever thought about it, untill a month or 2 ago. We decided to rent a big car that would fit us all. Well for that price we could go to spain and back with the airplane 3 times.. so no big car. I stepped over the line, and decided to rent a small car, and ride behind Marco and Rianne to belgium. I am SO scared. At this moment I even dont want to go! But I need to do it. Its good for me, and everybody will get of my back for an other year lol. So cross your fingers, wish me luck! I need it al!

Happy Holiday's!!
(o right also wish for good weather! thanks!)

8 opmerkingen:

  1. onthoud dat angst iets is wat je zelf hebt gecreerd en niet berust op de realiteit van dit moment. Je kunt het meid, heel veel plezier!


  2. I'm scared too,thats why i decided not to get my drivers license...But you already got yours,so i know you can do it.have a great time sweety!!

  3. i don't like driving eaither but once you get back behind the wheel you will be pleased with yourself. i hope the weather improves for your vacation. have fun all of you!!!

  4. Well they didn't gave you your license for free so you know you can do it!! Maybe an idea to rent a car for a day before you go to Belgium so you can get "the hang of it" ;-)
    Have fun in Belgium!!! You can do it!

  5. Hey! Dus je komt onze kant van de grens eens bekijken :-) Waar ga je naartoe? Zonde dat ik het niet eerder wist, dan mocht je bij ons op de koffie :-)

  6. Gewoon instappen en gaan met die banaan. Geen zweethandjes, en jezelf niet bang praten. Doen is de beste medicijn tegen angst. Een hele fijne vakantie allemaal.
    Gr Ruurt

  7. You can do so many things so this will work too. Good luck and have a wonderful time!
    BTW I like to drive my car, doesn't matter where I have to go.

  8. I suppose you all arrived in one piece! Another trip will be much easier now. Not?
    I've gained a lot of confidence, when we've bought a car with a navigator. But if I don't have to...I don't drive (I tell everybody that it's green to. LOL)