3 sep. 2007

Pictures say more then...

This weekend was full of fun, no plans, and we did a lot. We went organizing the stuff a bit in the new Scrapboek! This is how the kitchen is looking now. I am very pleased with it!

This is the already famous wallpaper lol.. There are stil only 2 "banen"on the wall.. But I promis, I will get it all up LOL.

We are leaving next monday an a holiday for 2 weeks. And the best part is that they (http://www.marcoenrianne.nl/) are coming too!!! Love them!

And a Sneak i am working on. Cant tell for what it is, or what it is, but I really like how it turned out (sorry :D). Going to work on the next project now, (cant show either). But can show one of my lay-outs from Scrap! all the cirkels are handstitched!

Happy Scrapping!
Hugs Martine

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Pretty photos, i adore these Layout! what beautiful buterfly's! =)) kisses. Ana

  2. The kitchen is looking fabby girl,cant wait to come and "chill"

  3. Wanna wish you a wonderful holiday and lots of fun.

  4. The new Scrapboek looks good girl!
    Love the layouts!
    Have a great holiday!

  5. Can't waith to see what you are working at!
    Kitchen looks great!

  6. Geweldige lootjes!
    Ik hoop dat je een leuke vakantie hebt (gehad?). En de keuken ziet er in ieder geval al heel gezellig uit!