28 sep. 2007


This week is flying by, My god.. I am a bit too busy I think LOL. So sorry to let you wait on al those vacation story's LOL. so here we go :D
Day 1 (Monday)
Today I picked up the car at the renting company. My luck is with me today, because the car I wanted to rent (the cheapest and smallest one) was out of order. Because of that I got an free upgrade to a bigger and better and saver car! Not a bad start for the holiday. Martin asked while driving, why are you so happy with this car: I answerd.. now you have airbags too... LOL not the respons he wanted to hear. Martin maked egg sandwiches, who tasted very very good. We left at my parents house about 11 and around 16.00 we arrived in the cabin we rented. We had very bad rain, busy traffic, car acident in front of us and a lot of truckdrivers. but we made it. The house was very cute and clean. We packed everyting out, and have a quick dinner in the "village"(fries). Unfortunatly there was no internet at the cabine's, so Martin needed to go to the village to keep up his work (I Know it was a holliday, but being a freelancer, means no holiday money or free day's). we all went to bed early. the kids where exhousted!
The kids where up very early, it is always hard to sleep in new beds. Martin went to work very early and came back around 10 with fresh bread and toast. Yummie! We went to do some grocery shopping in a town nearby. I almost hit a biker, and took 2 rides on the roundabout. At that day I knew, driving isn't my thing. I was crying at the car :(. We did A LOT of grocery shopping, the worst part was, that most of the things where candy, chips and drinks.. We only bought healty diner for like 1 day, but hey thats a holiday right! At this town we also did a nice lunch (with amazing lasagna) and also bought a "scartblokje" (thing to put into the TV to get acces to your Xbox or DVD player) because the TV in the house didn't had one, and we forgot mine (and believe me, at 6 in the morning, you want that thing to watch a kids DVD, so you can sleep a bit more on the couch)
Today we went to the kids world for the first time. It's a big playground (indoor) with a lot of trampoline's bouncingcastle's and slide's. the kids had a blast and played al day. After that we also went to the swimming pool. They and we loved it! We ate at the village and there was a kidsdisco. It was a good day, the kids where at bed at 8. We watched a movie togheter with a fire in the fireplace. This is vacation!
Lost in day's!
OK here is my memory lost! I cant remember the day's anymore LOL. I do know what we did the rest of the vacation, but not when..... Am I getting OLD??
We went to visit the beach on a sunny day, it was a bit cold, but out of the wind it was very nice. We (read Martin and Martine lol) bould a sand castle, Fenna searched for seashells, and Damian even went into the water. Loved that day!

We went to Plopsaland (kind a like Disney!) It realy suprised us and it was so good and fun, we decided to go again the next week. Damian and Fenna had there time of there life, and so did we. The food was good, The weather was nice, The ride's where fun and there was a lot to see, so much we didnt see it all, so that is why we decided to go again. Becaus it was Plop his 10th birthday Martin was able to get us some tickets! Thanks hun!
The other park we visited was a sealife park. That park realy amazed us, because when we entered it, it really looked cheap and we tought we wouldnt spend the whole day there. Wrong! The park turned out to be fun, not too big, but there where also som ride's. bouncing castle's and ofcourse dolphins!

At the middle weekend our friends Richard and Angelie came over for a short visit. We spend a long day in the swiming pool (so easy when there are other poeple who can watch the kids hehe) and it was super relaxing. That evening we went to the boulevard at the beach for dinner. We bought a kite (vlieger) for Damian. While we were enyoing our dinner, Marco and Damian went kitesurfing (Vliegeren) It was fun to watch this, Marco and I switched side's so he could eat too. At desert we all went inside. I had the most delicous BrusselWafles with strawberry's and wiped cream. It was GOOD! The next day we went to Brugge ( A smal ancient town that looks greath!). The weather wasnt realy cooperating, but we still had fun. I needed a new pair of jeans, because somehow I had a big whole in my jeans, right under my but! Martin also bought a new very nice sweater. that night we ate at the village again. Nice and easy!
One day the weather wasnt that good, so we decided to go the movies. Not that easy with a 1,5 and a 3 year old. The 3 year old made the whole movie. Rianne, Marco and the 1,5 year old went groccery shopping at the midle of the movie :). A well, it was fun to try, and the movie was funny too (Ratatouile)
The last day we went to the small town next to our parc. It was a really small town. We eat some fries and the kids played in the fountains. It was a very fun and relaxing day. Too bad the holiday was over, but it was ok. The drive home wasnt that long as I had expected, and it went ok. I am happy to close the drivingchapter now, and also that it didnt ruined our vacation. We do appreciate parents with kids more. It is hard work, and we might wait a bit longer with kids LOL.

During our vacation my mom got her surgery. unfortantly it didnt go how it should had go, and they needed to cut her open again because she had a huge internal bleeding. So no quick thing, and being beter in a small week. She stayed in the hospital for almost a week, and is now home, with a big cut at her tumy. She also cant eat all the things she wants yet... I hope she is recovering very quick, she simply don't deserve this. At home she also told us that it was very close, and then I mean very close!.... at one point I am happy that I didnt be there, because now I didnt worry about it (didnt know right), but at the other point.. what if.. she did got so close, and didnt made it.... Cant think of that and wont, Its simply not here time yet!!!
GRRR I have more picture's, but somehow the internet has decided it wont go on my blog! Wil upload them soon...

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