30 sep. 2007


Friday Martin and I went on surch for some new wintershoes and jackets. I actually found them! that is really new for me. I have bought shoes in like half an hour, and at the H&M I found 2 jackets i LOVED!. I was so happy that the prices of the jackets togheter was the same as my budget! Now I have this lovely red french coat an stylish black coat for the rain etc. Martin wanted a red coat for his girl for 3 years now (he saw it in the christmasmovie Love actually) and now he has one :) I think I need to do some seriousphotoshooting in this one!
We also have a new lamp in the bedroom, Its the one I want for a long time now. Martin suprised me with it on thursday, he even hanged it already! so proud at him. Last Night Damian came over to sleep. It was a fun night. I never saw a boy having so much fun in a bath LOL. Because we dont have any spare rooms, he just slept in our beds. well that wasn't the best option, He is a little boy but he needs a whole matras for himself. Martin and I shared one, like in the old day's when we only had a single bed :). It was cute to see him sleep so comfortly, i simply love that kid.
Today I think I finally start doin some scrapping. I promised a friend to make an album for his wife... that needs to be done like uhm.. next week!.. so I really needed to start on that one. Will show when its done, because I dont want to ruin any suprises!
Happy scrapping!

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  1. oOoo...i'm so jealous!! i tried on a coat like that last winter in a store but it was SO expensive! Love Actually is our Christmas Eve tradition here :)