20 okt. 2007

# 96

jeej... 96 post already! about what?? O my.. I am soo sorry for all the blabber I trown on this blog! LOL. Ah well.. (can you notice I really dont have anything to tell??), I am extremly buzy with scrapbooking, but cant show any of it at this moment. Its prett cool actually!. At my work is it bussier then ever, but that is a good sign right :) (There are going to be so many cool new things!!!!) Yesterday my good friend Danielle visited me. I was such a shame! her son is going to be 1 in just 9 day's and this was the first time I ever saw this cute little fellow. The good thing is we dont blame each other. The best part wsa actually that the click was still there. We had a real good time. (I forgot to make a picture of us togheter!! Need to do that the next time!) and we going to meet again real soon. Because a post without a picture/photo or film is something I want you to see. It is really importend to watch this video and more important to visit this site and download this and tape it and place it here or as an respond on this ** Edit Somehow I cant get the video in this log!!! So I will place it in the next one! ****


Phoebe Alto (Apearantly my Rockstar name :))

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  1. Those friendships are sooo important! Good to have such good friends! :)