13 okt. 2007

More to show :)

Yesterday morning I had so many lay-outs in my head, I needed to put them down into a sketch. Two of them are already finished, the other 2 need to wait a bit longer to be made. I got so many new ideas in my head already! I love that feeling, the feeling of creating! I quess my mojo is back! (Shopping and reading magazine's alway's works!)

The sketches

Sketch number 2 (The inspiration came from a lay-out from the group, one with a dog in it. Loved that lay-out. So I could say, this isnt my sketch, but a lift:))

Sketch number 1 (I saw this techniek in a magazine and I really loved it. Its not a lay-out I would normaly make but I love the result!)

This one I made for the DesignTeam of Stampedhouse
I am off to do some shopping and more scrapping!
Have a nice weekend

4 opmerkingen:

  1. You've been busy girl. Beautiful new stuff. Have a wonderful weekend.

  2. En dan sla je de Computertotaal open en wie zie je dan????
    Idd Martin!!

  3. I love the sketch I made one ride away.

  4. Awesome sketches!Luv the fuck it layout,such a funny picture :)