31 okt. 2007

My feet!!!

My feet HURT.. not just a little bit, no really hard lol. I stand the whole day from 8.30 till 17.00 on my feet because we forgot to bring a chair to the Krea Doe (Craft show). I am selling subscriptions for the Scrap! (YES finanlly we are going to have subsribers AND we are coming out not 4 times but 5 times this year!) I was blown away buy the amount of people that visited the show and dont know anything about scrapbooking. This was really a total shock to me. I mean EVERYONE knows what scrapbooking is LOL (That was total sarcasme here, for the cause you misted that part hehe). Tomorow I am going just a little while because I need to go to a bookpresentation in Amsterdam (party jeej). for the next day's I will probibly be there all day's. I will try to make some pictures tomorow (I didnt had a camera with me, what scrapbooker am I!) and post them.. for now.. I will just crawl into bed and sleep...
Good Night!
(o and for everyone who is celebrating Halloween, Happy Halloween ( such a shame we dont celebrate that here!)
o and P.S: When I got home from the show, Martin maked me my favorite meal AND I got new pink flowers! You just have to love that guy! (Thanks babe!)
OO and PS 2: I just saw this is my 98 post. So the next one will be a hundred. SOOO leave a message and I will give away a beautiful rak to celebrate!!!!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. In that case, I will hope to see you saterday, AND subscripe to Scrap! You totally made my day (and it just started)
    Regards to Martin, I only met him once, but I know what you mean :o))

  2. Hehehe, don't forget your chair tomorrow! And have fun at the party tonight! ;)

  3. Will be there tomorrow with my mom. Made a huge list of things I want to buy. Don't forget your chair tomorrow and see you.

  4. I visited the KreaDoe today and there weren't as much scrapbook stands as I thought there would be. Maybe next year...

    Saw the Scrap! stand and it's great to hear about the subscriptions! My articles were published not the last issue but the one before that and it's such a funny idea to know that people read your work! But it's cool though!

    Have a great time at KreaDoe!

  5. Have fun at the KreaDoe and at your party!!

  6. Owmyyyy standing all day!Pfffffff Bring your camera,i wanna see!!