6 nov. 2007

# 99

Woohoo... one more post and its a 100!!!! (leave a comment, I am giving away an awesome rack!)
The KreaDoe was a lot of fun, but boy am I tired hehe. I met a few people that know me from the mag or my blog, and I didnt knew them. That is so funny like I am famous or something LOL (NOT!!!!!)
I spend a lot of money on expensive things.. that is the bad thing of being there for 5 day's. Normaly i could resist myself and maybe regret at home, but now i could resist.. but then it stared at me the next day :)
I bought some new Fancy pants stamps, and there felt (LOVE THAT) and the posy's with pins. I also bought the hotfix. I heard so much about it I couldnt resist it (It's like a hot tube that melt stones on fabric and paper (tryd sheet also, and when you dont touch the sheet with the metal its ok :)) I also bought an iron on of my Hero Hello Kitty. And then there was a new company that sold the most cute fabrics. I even bought a patern for a bag!!! (Now I have to get that sewing maching for my birthday hehe). The persons next my stand sold 3D paint and the best Transparantcy I have seen in a long time.. couldnt resist that either. Now I am the rest of the week free... So I think I can try everything out!! Love that.
I will post friday with the rack!! Check it out :D

o btw.. this lay-out was made for the challenge of Houseofinspiration!


12 opmerkingen:

  1. Great stuff you bought. You're not the only one that spoiled hereself. I did spend to much money too. It was nice to meet you though

  2. Wow girl... love your purchases ánd the layout! Lovely bright colors, I love that! ;)

  3. You did buy just a little if you have been there for 5 days :o))) I totally spoiled myself (see my blog)
    It was nice meeting you. It is good to put a face to the voice.

    And your layout is great, as ever. cute picture aswell.

  4. super lo, gewldige foto en ik ben altijd wel in voor een RAK hihi, alsof ik nog niet genoeg heb :) kan altijd nog meer bij toch!


  5. You bought some great stuff. You won't regret the purchase of your new hotfix tool. It is a great tool. Especially when you like lots of bling bling on your projects. I have one too and I LOVE it.

  6. Love the stuff you've bought, I think the hotfix stand there has sold a lot, I've seen it on a lot of blogs already!!
    Great stamps too, and the layout is wonderful!

  7. Awesome goodies girl,so yummo!!And that layout is way cute,awesome picture!

  8. Woo Hoo! 100 posts? That totally rocks, girl!

    I'm so with you on the buying thing. I have a whole room devoted to the paper crafting I love so. Still I run out of space. I guess I need to go through it again and organize.

    Have an awesome day!


  9. En wat heb je allemaal met je nieuwe aankopen gemaakt??
    ziet er weer leuk uit.

  10. Did you find the time to play with your new stuff yet? Time is too short it seems. I hope to find some scraptime this sunday.

  11. Leuke lo Martine! Vooral de rode ruitjes vind ik erg leuk. Dat papier heb ik nog nooit eerder gezien. En dan nu aan de slag met je aankopen van de CreaDoe!

  12. Was great to meet you there! Yummy goodies you bought... superfun layout, so playful!