10 nov. 2007

And the rak goes to....

Cynthia zei...
Woo Hoo! 100 posts? That totally rocks, girl!I'm so with you on the buying thing. I have a whole room devoted to the paper crafting I love so. Still I run out of space. I guess I need to go through it again and organize.Have an awesome day!

Gratz!!! girl! This rak wil go to you soon!! Just email me your addy at martine@mag-entertainment.com and I will send it asap to you. I hope you will like it. The products are stuff that I love to you use and make me smile!

I have been scrapping this week, but 1 was for Scrap! and 2 for an competition so cant show them yet. I am also working at an transparant minibook about our 2007 holiday. Well I think you can leave the mini away.. its just an 6x12 Transparant album with way too many pages. But ok, It will keep me off the (rainy) streets hehe. Will post when that is finisheds. I will also post my projects that I made for scrap! soon!
Have a nice weekend and happy scrapping!!!

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