28 nov. 2007

Almost forgot!

I won another contest last week! The assignment was making an 12x6 lay-out and use paint and freestyle frame on it. It was for the Dutchfreestyle group! Thanks for voting :D

And a little secret I can reveal (not the secret from the previous post, but also an awesome one) is that I am going to be a new auntie again. My twinsis is pregnant from her 3th child :D I am voting for a girl around the 26th. LOL

4 opmerkingen:

  1. huge congrats on being an aunty again soon!!!!
    love the layout!
    i would join your group but i know i just wouldn't make it past a couple of layouts!

  2. Congrats with this beautiful layout. Great that you will be an auntie again. Love the idea about your group but don't have the time to join.

  3. Huge congrats girl!!I sooooooooo LOVE that Alice in Wonderland layout in your last post!I think it's the coolest layout you ever made!!

  4. What a fabulous 6x12... congrats on winning! SO deserved! And congrats with your sister!