9 dec. 2007

Look what we found this morning!!!!!!

Finaly! a Starbucks in Holland. We where SOO exited to this, because we heard about a Starbucks coming to the airport, but we thought it was behind custom service. But its not, its just on the arrival hall, next to the trains. We might go make soe detours with the train in the future now! And yest the time on that board was the right time, we took the train from my sisters home this morning at 7.43! We had watch the little dragons yesterday and had a lovely gourmet evening last night, but Martin needed to work today so we needed to be home early today

In our christmas boxes I found some ugly white tree's, so I put some buttons on it. To bad I had to put on some Glitter as well.. Must think of something for that LOL. I am counting it as number 5 for my 100 challenge (because of the amount of supplies that are on it, not because of the work lol) But I am afraid I can make 10 more with my button stash LOL
Ok, back to christmastree decorating here, and also a bit of work!
Happy scrapping!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. ik drink geen koffie maar kijk die martin daar toch staan met een gelukzalig gezicht hahaha! die boom is supergaaf!


  2. You two must be happy. Great tree you made with all the buttons.

  3. woohoo must check out that starbucks sometime...luvin the tree girl!

  4. That little buttontree is GORGEOUS!! Oh and i see i have to switch trains at Schiphol more often ;)