23 dec. 2007

Happy Holidays!!!

O wow I am sorry to be such a bad blogger... I simply didt had any time to catch up. Last weekend we and my twinsisters family went to disneyland Paris. It was so much fun and SOOO cold! Tomorow we are leaving for a short week to spend with my whole family in a little house. It is going to be a hectic week! Monday is arriving and christmas eve, tuesday first day of christmas, Wednesday is both second day of christmas but more important the 4th birtday of my cutest and best nephew Damian. (we got him the best birthday present EVER) and thursday my parent are married 35 years. This is so special for us. 10 years ago we cancelled the 25 years marriage party because we just founded out of my dad his illnes.. We never thought to make it to 35! and now 10 years and 3 grandchildren later we are there! Going for the next 10 years and more grandchildren! Soo back to packing.
I want to wish everyone a very mery and special christmas! enjoy life and celebrate every moment from it!
I also have a little Toot! My christmascards are posted on the Hambly blog gallery! its the first one!
Happy Holiday's!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. And a very merry Christmas to you too! What a blessing to have so many Christmases after your Dad's illness!

    Also, I received the wonderful RAK from you in the mail! I had so much fun pulling each item out at a time, admiring it with my daughters alongside. Thank you so very much!

    Merry merry!

  2. Well girl... what can I say...? I told you that it was fun making cards, huh? ;) I love them! :D

    A very merry christmas for you and Martin!

  3. Wish you and Martin all the best for 2008! Hope you had joyful X-mas days with your family.