30 dec. 2007

Happy new year!

Sometimes i think the time flies. But when I think of what happend this year, then this year lasted ages! So many things are happened. Good and bad. so many lifes are changed this year, and many decisions are taken. One of my resolution last year was to travel more, see more of the world, make new friends and start working on my self. Now at the end of 2007 i truly can say that I did that. We traveled a LOT and had a lot of fun weekends. I have been to Californie, Helisinki, Belgium, Chicago, France and some places in the netherlands. I drove a car al the way to belgium (and wont do that EVER again) I made a heavy decision to quit with the store. Only 2 weeks later the publisher offered me THE best job in the world. Becoming "traffic medewerker" of Scrap!. And at this time I am working 3 day's a week in Hilversum, have the best colleques in the world and are the base of Scrap! Magazine. They totally trust on my knowledge. Scary sometimes, but greath as well there are going to happen some AWESOME things in 2008! I promiss.

Of course there happend some sad things also this year, but everything turned out ok. We are still all there, maybe not everyone is as healty as they want to, but the most important thing is that we still have each other.
One of my new resolutions for next year, is positive thinking! I believe after this year, that everything will turn out ok, and everything happens for a reason. if you just believe in it. Ofcourse I will also try to eat more healty, exercise more and do more with friends (and meet/make new friends) Take more time for each other, and clean more. I also want to scrapbook more just for fun (not only work scrapping) and I decided to start the 100 challenge. I already started it, but I need/want to finish it in 2008. After I am finished with this challenge I will dig out all of mu supplies and give away everything I dont use anymore. (So if anyone knows a good cause, let me know.. I really have a lot of stuff :D)
This is one of the lay-outs I made for the 100 challenge (its number 6 and 7 if I am are correct)

I want to wish everyone a very nice New years eve and al the best for 2008!
Happy Scrapping!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi girl!

    Great layout and great resolution! I wish you all the best and hope you have a very happy, healthy and creative 2008!!!

  2. Hey girl,i hope and almost know 2008 is going to be a good year for you!Hope to share some of those great things with you,Love Fauve

  3. Hey Martine, wish you and Martin a very happy, healthty and creative 2008. That things will be successful and we will meet some day in the new year. Look forward to that and hope Scrap! will become THE magazine in the coming year. Happy to be part of the team.