3 jan. 2008

2008 here we go!

Ok my resolutions for 2008 are

Eating more healty food and actually cook sometimes
Exercise more (this dont have to be in the gym, just take the stairs more or o dancing!)

Keep the house clean! (It really is tidy and clean at this moment woohoo!)
Learn more new techniques for scrapbooking, and actually use them on lay-outs (workshops)
Try to get in a DT to stay/get in to shape!
Photograph more!
Blog more (with my new pictures)
Scrap more and finish unfinished projects (100 challenge)
Spend more time with family and friends and make new friends

I think that are enough resolutions right? O I also need to copy all my pictures and store them safe. At this moment they are on all kind of computers, or at my mom's house etc. I lost so many pictures already, but dont count that as a resolution right?

Then we also have plans.. but dont know if that will be this year (probably not... it has something to do with a wedding, a new house and baby's but its in randomly order LOL

Happy Scrapping!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Martine,
    Happy New Year! Some of those resolutions and plans are also on my "To do" list this year (well, maybe not the wedding and baby stuff, haha).

    I will look forward to seeing some of your lay-outs and stuff, because I thinks they are great!

  2. Great resolutions,we have kind of the same resolutions.But most of all,just be Happy girl :D


  3. Happy new year! Yeah for your resolutions!