18 nov. 2007

Sinterklaas and Birthday!

Martin and Fenna

OK this is going to be a really long post :) Yesterday (saturday) Sinterklaas arrived in our Country. For the People that dont know this Dutch Holiday. Saint Nicolaas, Is an Good holy man that arrives per boat midway November from Spain. This Holy man has "zwarte pieten"as his helpers. He stay's in Holland till his birthday on 6th December. The night before that (December 5th) we celebrate "pakjesavond" All the children in the country get loads of presents from the Holy man. At the time he is in holland children also can set there shoe, When you sing real loud you get some presents or candy in it while you are sleeping. Its a real fun and cozy time that we totally love (a good change to spoil the kids!!).
So we went to Kampen to watch the Saint and his Zwarte Pieten sail in. The kids had a blast and where dressed up as little "pietjes" (a well Fenna and Martin did, and Damian was just Superman hehe). Damian even made it into the news at SBS6!
Rianne, Tamara and Fenna

Me in the croud :)


The cutest Pietje Ever! (fenna)

Fenna and Zwarte Piet


Damian at the moment the boat arrived

The boat arriving

Damian made a drawing for Zwarte Piet, and showed it one second after he saw the boat. This was SO cute!

Americo (When Sinterklaas is on land, he travels by Horse)

The Boat

Then Sunday Rianne and I celebrated our 28th birthday. Rianne, Marco, Damian, Fenna, Martin and I all spend the night at our parents house. This was so much fun. Martin decorated the whole house and made birthday chaires for us. So when we came downstairs it felt like when we where kids again. (I notice a theme here for this day LOL)

Like good old traditions we stand at our chairs while everyone sings happy birthday (well Lang zal ze leven, but that is just the dutch version :D) After that we unpacked our presents and had a PJ breakfast

(All the presents i got today!!)
After that we decorated the cupcakes that Martin and I baked saturday night. Later that day Alexander, Ciska, Roos, Angelie and Richard and Tamara came too

When everyone arrived we blowed out the candles. Everyone loved the cupcakes! It was such a fun and cozy day, there was just our family (a well and Richard and Angelie, but they count as family as well) but it was like when we where kids!

Because Fenna was a little bored, we decided to go to the attick and grab our old Barbie's and My little Pony's.

Everyone started talking about there old toy's so we also talked about my brothers Lego. My dad said that it was so far away on the attic that he couldnt grab it. Well.. dont say to us that you cant do something. So Alexander and I went to the attic to get the Lego as well
That was a HUGE succes with Damian, So I guess everyone knows now what to buy for this little fellow for Sinterklaas, Christmas and his birtday LOL.
Martin and Fenna where once again play-buddy's for the whole day. The funny thing is she used to call us both "tartin" Last week she called me "Martine" so we tought she finally knew.. But she calls Martin not Tartin..but also Martine.. Cute huh!
Playing under the stairs
So that was my Birthday! I will celebrate it a bit Tuesday (20 november, official birthday) and I need to bake some cake or pie then for my work. They all seems to think overthere that I can bake LOL.. we will see
* Hugs*
Martine (almost 28 pfff)

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  1. Happy birthday girl. Hope you had a wonderful day together with your sister and the rest of the family. As I can see in the pics this probably was a terrific day for the both of you. The cupcakes look delicious. Have a nice week and TFS.

  2. ohhh het ziet er super gezellig allemaal uit. En waar is nu die foto van jouw en je zus???
    De cakjes zagen er geweldig uit heb je een mooie close up foto gemaakt leuk om te scrappenn!!!!

  3. Happy betaled birthday!!!
    Looks like you had a great couple of days!


  4. Sounds like a great bday girl!!Awesome presents!

  5. Gefeliciteerd! (Je bent vandaag toch echt jarig??)
    Zo te zien was 't een geweldige verjaardag! Die cupcakejes zijn echt zoo cool! Toch ook maar eens maken :D

  6. Wat een geweldige sfeervolle foto's. Ik heb er van genoten. Ik heb altijd al een keertje naar de 'echte' intocht van de Sint willen gaan kijken, maar het is er nooit van gekomen. En nu zijn de kinderen te oud. Maar jullie hebben het gedaan! Super, want die tijd komt nooit meer terug. Een beetje laat, maar alsnog gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag.

  7. OOOO my little ponies :-) Brengt mij heel wat herinneringen;-) De cakejes zien er echt heel yummie uit! Geweldig. In België hebben we ook sinterklaas hoor