21 nov. 2007


Jeej I won the sketch challenge on the Scrappies group with this Lay-out. I love these new Sanctury line from Me and my BIG ideas.. Just so happy and bright!!!
I am thinking of starting with the 100 challenge (making 100 lay-outs with products you already have in house. while doing this challenge you dont by any new stuff) I have so many stuff just lying there to be scrapped.. :) Anybody who wants to join me?

5 opmerkingen:

  1. I would love to join you, if you wait with starting it till January.
    I am to busy with Sinterklaas, and some other things. Making a scrapbook for my oldest daughter.
    The winning layout is real great. I would have voted for you.

  2. Hehehe... I think I won't join you... tried it before and I just can't do it... LOL.

    Your layout is beautiful! Love the bright colors! :D

  3. Hee meissie, gefeliciteerd..!!

  4. He martien,

    Ik doe met je mee hoor!!!! Ik heb genoeg spullen om die 100 layouts mee te maken :) (zucht, hoezo shopverslaafd).

    Ik ga je Rak dit weekend maken.

    x marije

  5. Hi Martine! I love this idea! I have sooooo many pictures but not much supplies. I also agree with Marrigje in that it would be great to start in January. I not only have Christmas (25th) but Eid (20 or 21st depending on the moon of course!) and my little boy Ali's 9th birthday (22nd). Busy busy! The kids are on holiday for almost 5 weeks and no plans to travel but would love to get moving on some pages! I am new to this sort of challenge so could you let me know more details or where I could go to find out??? Thanks so much, Alia in Muscat, Oman!