13 jan. 2008


Yesterday my Brads decided they had been inside an box for long enough and the minute I grab the boxes they caught the moment to free themself over the floor!. And it wasnt just 1 box but 3 sorted on color. The same evening my rack that was hanging on the door decided to do the same. So I am cleaning an sorting my whole scraproom now. This is what I got so far, and I actually like it! Before I always thougt that sorting out on product would be the best for me, but then I noticed I hardly use some of those products. Now Its sorted out in color and I hope I use some products more often now.





(Desktop, every cabinet has 2 colors)


(fabric, felt etc.... This stands on my bed, need to find a place for it!)

And this are the spots I still have to do!
One of the things this year, is to make my home more my home. And what better way then doing that with sweet flowers!
Happy scrapping! (I am back cleaning!)

9 opmerkingen:

  1. Okay.... that looks really nice with all the sorted colors and stuff! You've got lots to do, but I think it's gonna look great afterwards! Good luck:-)

  2. It looks great, on color, tasty.
    I sort on product, let us know if it works better when you sort on color.

    Good luck cleaning, it is the day for it, we are sorting and cleaning all the toys all day.


  3. Ohhh het ziet er prachtig uit . en nu zou houden he watn we komen controleren :-)

  4. oh leuk zo op kleur, moet ik misschien ook maar een keer proberen hahaha gebruik nu ook lang niet alles wat ik heb :)


  5. hahaha, You see lots of stuff. You made a great start. Love flower pics. Mika (www.mikascrap.typepad.com)

  6. Owmy how do you mean eyecandy??LOL well you have enough to do,looks like my place :S

  7. When i was at kiwi scraps they talked about sorting everything by colour as well. Much easier when you scrap. Looks already fantastic martine!

  8. All this wonderful stuff!! Cleaning makes me happy, than you know what's in all the boxes. I was suprised by my own stuff: Do I have this, when have I bought that?? LOL