10 jan. 2008

Scrap! is out!

So that means I finally can show what I made in Oktober/November or so!
First of all, I made an Art Journal. This was really fun to do. Its not really my style, but that doesnt matter, because i tried every ink, paint and trucs on it and had a lot of fun making it and discovering new technique's and materials. ( I so love the crackle paint now). It was my first time using Gesso too, and I did everything with it. I even put it on black cardstock and print on it (dont blame me if your printer crashes, but result was beautiful I LOVED it) All the picture in here are made by Anita Mundt.

Then I also was fortunate to use the new lines of K&Company. Mira and Urban. There so funky and bright! was fun to make. Made some more with this, but you will have to buy the magazine to see these hehe

I also made a lay-out about my 2008 resolutions

Thanks for looking!
and happy Scrapping!

7 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, that journal is really awesome, looks like a lot of work, but it's a real piece of art!

    All the layouts are great, love them!

  2. That journal is so beautiful! Real eye candy :)

  3. The art journal may not be your style but it's absolutely gorgeous!!! You just gave me some inspiration to start my own journal so I can play around too!!!

  4. I thought your art journal was the prettiest thing ever girl!

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