8 jan. 2008

Yup, It worked!

I did it, I made 2 lay-outs this evening. The rest of the day I did some scrapping too, but that was for an assigment. I also cleaned out all my bags and sorted them out. That always helps me with inspiration. This time it was a bit harder, because alle the new goodies are a NO NO for me if I want to reach my 100 Challenge. I did managed to make 2 lay-outs with stuff I already had (Thank God, I started the challenge AFTER I got the ZOË and Notheworthy line!) Will be tough next month because I am going to the CHA in Californie!!!! (UHUH!)
(sorry for the bad picture, its dark. The circle is pink, the note under the letters lightbleu and the letters are aqua lol)
Happy Scrapping!!!

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