8 jan. 2008

Wil it work?

On of my resolutions of this year was to make more time for me and scrapping. And what do you know! its my day off today! I did some quick cleaning this morning, made a big pot of thea I am in my stay at home clothes and I am ready to go! I do need to scrap a few things for work today, but that will be it. Will I get my vacation album done, and my christmas album? Tonight we also have an online crop! Cant wait! Its always so much fun. .Now hoping internet and my new emailadres martinerijnbeek@gmail.com will work today. Yesterday our old ones dissapeard! So If you emailed me and didn't got any reaction, please email me back at my new emailadres!
Also the new Scrap! is in store's this week! with girly Fauve on the cover!!!

Will keep you up to date!
Happy scrapping!

1 opmerking:

  1. haaaaaa en wat zie ik daar nog meer op de cover?? wat leuk! desi weer op de cover hahahahaha

    groetjes tanja ( die nu helemaal niet meer kan wachten!)