20 jan. 2008


OO I had so much fun this weekend. The SIS crop was a lot of fun and I met some new people that I really liked! I even won a price with this lay-out !! I havent seen Fauve that long, that we talked all day! Even after dinner we still were talking LOL. Really missed that and I promised that I should come over one day to chat and crop. Thank god we also go to the scrap-a-licous workshop togheter. I bet we wont sleep that much LOL. Corinne was taking pictures all day with wings. That was real fun. Also Lucy came over from sweden. I never actually looked at her pages.. but O my.. That girl can scrap, and is beautiful too!!!
I was at home just before midnight and slept like an angel.

Today we went to Balorig with everybody. Sander, Carina, Luna&Sem also came so the fun was complete (too bad Martin had to work and coudnt come over). I really needed to see and chat and relax with friends! Now I am going to scrap uh... Watch Idols!
Happy Scrapping!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Het zijn prachtige foto's geworden.. enne.. leuk he.. ballorig!

  2. It was so much fun to see you again at this SIS crop was cool. Next time we had to make a picture of the two of us:-)

  3. He Martine, what a beautiful pictures Corinne made of you! Congratz on your price and it was really nice to meet you irl! See you at the next crop ;)

  4. volgende keer ook even een foto van ons saampjes maken hoor :)en even wat langer kletsen :)


  5. Owmy girl,we look so cute!!I had NO picture from us together!!I was looking for one to put on my blog!!SO just send me quickly and i will add it :D

    By the way it was so cool to see you again after so long!!Loved catching up with you girl.And only a few weeks until scrap-a-licious!!wahoo!!