18 jan. 2008


Tomorow is finally the Dutch SIS tv crop. I am really exited about it because a lot of people that I know are coming. Only that is inmediatly the thing that give me the shiffers. Most of them I never met in real life.....Hope the like me in real life :D

I lost 5 pounds.. dont know how, because I never ate so many pizza in 1 month as this month and I am eating all the left over chocolats from christmas but I am 85,5 kilo's at this moment. Only 10.5 to go! woohoo LOL I think I need to do my best for those tho :(
Tomorow there are also going to be taken a lot of pictures.. Hope I feel confident enough to get cute on those :D I am Def. bringing my camera (oo need to charge the battery!!!)
So now I have to think what to bring to the Crop. I never go somewhere else to go scrapbooking, (besides workshops) so I have NO idea what to bring. Thank god it is in a store (I heard they sell Grungeboard!!!!) so if I forget something I can buy it.. but I am on the 100 challenge, so official I am not aloud to sell anything LOL. I am going wiht the train so I also dont want to bring too much, they asked to bring me some of my lay-outs (YIKES!) I quess I really have to start thinking about an lay-out and bring that with me......
After that I need to go to an dinner (If I make that in time!!!) and to the movies A lot of fun, but if the crop is way too much fun, I stay there to eat a bite and cancel the movie's.. You cant have it all right :D
Happy scrapping!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Martine het was zooo leuk om je te ontmoeten gister en lekker samen te kletsen !

  2. you are very likeble in real life =) No worries!