12 mrt. 2008


I am out of bed! what do you say of that! I will probably go back into bed soon, but I needed to go to the doctor this morning. But silly me, I got the time wrong, 8.30 is not the same as 9..... So I have a new apointment today in the afternoon (15.20)... Ah well.. I want to thank everyone for there sweet comments. I got the medicine and I am feeling SO much better. I had a fever for almost 2 weeks, 1 little pill and its gone! Love it! Now I only need to get back that energie! It is so boring in bed, When I am sitting at the couch I am tired after 30 minutes.. Sometimes I forget all about it, go to the badroom, do some laundry, feeling good.. and then BAM! it hits you in the head LOL.. The good thing is my weight.. I lost 16 pounds... beat that Sonja!
Ok I am rambling... Time for me to take a nap... My fingers are itching to get some scrapbooking.. so maybe after my nap I will take a try. The only thing that can happen is to become tired. LOL

So maybe I have some pictures to show soon......
Sleep thight!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Hope you're back on your feet real soon. Meet you the 30th.

  2. Looking forward to seeing your new creations!

  3. Hallo Martine, found your blog through hopping from one blog to another and seen you were from flevoland!! All my family live there (Dronten, lelystad, zeewolde en almere) so had to leave you a message!!!!

    Hope you are feeling much better soon.. and your creations are so fabulous.. can't wait to see more!!!

    Hugs, Marlene xx

  4. Feel better!! Thanks for the sweet words on my blog, too! =)

  5. Many thanks for your comments on my craft area!