17 mrt. 2008

Home Sweet Home

I Know, the picture is terrible! Good thing it looks better in the Scrap! that is already out! I am feeling a lot better already, but I still feel like I am ran over by a truck. I went out of the house saturday for a walk, but I am still tired of that today (And its monday!!!) I know the doctor said I need to take my rest, but this is terrible!
Good thing is the final season of Little House of the Prairie came out on DVD. So I have something to watch. I also made an Lay-out and Easter decorations (Normal i make an lay-out in max 1 hour. This one took me an half day, and the easter decoration 3 day's!!!! I hate myself LOL)
I also made some other things for the magazine, but I dont have them here, so no picture's yet.. Wil post them soon!
Happy st Patricks day! OO and Look HERE to read a cool Interview with my Honey!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Doe rustig aan, want anders krijg je het dubbel en dwars terug. Je 3-luik is prachtig. Ik heb de Scrap! al even ingekeken in de winkel en het ziet er super uit.

  2. lol! another lil house on the prairie fan!
    I "just" have the first 4 boxes.. rest is on my wish list.. driving DH insane.. lil girl over the moon..
    right.. must be in the genes to some extent..
    anyways.. guess I got my q answered on how your doing.