17 mrt. 2008

More Scrap!

Totally differant then I used to, But I love this Lay-out!!! Its my older sister first Comunion. I especially love the litlle dictonary piece. It is from a real old little dictonary!

This Litlle book is from my own communion. Its kinda special to scrapbook these photo's and put your toughts in the journaling. Especially since I dont go to church that often anymore. After scrapbooking this, I learned that it means a lot to me and that it is a part of my yought that I wouldnt miss for the world!
Hugs Martine

7 opmerkingen:

  1. totally beautiful!!! again..
    can't wait to see it in print!

  2. Looks great Martine, love the layout, very special with all the different papers!!
    And the book... special to you and that's important, like the colors!

  3. heel leuk boekje !!!!
    khou van die kleuren !!!

  4. Super Martine!!! Vooral die van je zusje is heel erg speciaal en echt gaaf gedaan!

  5. Geweldig je boekje. Ook dit papier is super. En de layout ga ik misschien een keer liften ...