6 apr. 2008

Love Six and Seven

I know I am behind the picture challenge. I didnt had time to shoot a pic and absolutly no time to post one :) It was a lot of fun at my sisters house. The kids where very sweet AND naughty, but I like that about them. However.. sometimes ....:D I will post pics about them later this week!
This is my take on number 6. I love hairproducts. and somehow they are always pink :D I am not sure if I like them so much because of what they do to my hair or because the smell so good and look so pretty in my bathroom.... Who knows!
And this is number 7. Can you believe I have 7 Scrapbookalbums! They look really thin, but they are all full. I must confess there are no refills in the albums, I hate doing that, and I have a weakness for them. I just saw some cute new ones again, I think i Need those too!
I hope you had a good weekend, I sure did

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  2. Your pictures look really great. Especially your 6in7 picture. Nice colors!!!!

    Have a nice week.

  3. so glad you joined in the challenge and took some great photos!!!

  4. Mooie foto's! Ben blij dat je de challenge leuk vond! Hou the Buzz blog in de gaten voor meer leuks!! :)

  5. Voor de laatste twee heb je prachtige foto's gemaakt. Leuk dat het zo gezellig was bij je zus. Fijne week.