13 apr. 2008

Mojo is Back!

Jeeej it feels so good to be up and running again! the inspiration is coming all back to me! Sometimes it is even so much I cant remember all the ideas I have :)I finished a Lay-out that I started on the dutchfreestyle group, but didnt had enough energie yet to finish it. (Picture is by Anita Mundt) The other lay-lout I made while I was sick. I like it allot, but you can def. see that wasnt happy lol.
An other thing that totally maked my day! you can read it here (sorry its in Dutch, but very sweet!) Its a Poem written by Martin, because we are seeing each other for 4 years already) So need to Scrap this one huh! Back to scrapping! I cant show everything I am making yet, but I will also do some freetime scrapping! So much I want to make, so Little time!:D
Have a nice Sunday!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. heel mooi Martine, gave banner ook!
    dx Maaike

  2. Hee there, love your banner, so funky!
    I can see the mojo flowing!
    That 'seven items' challenge looks so cool, great photograpy chica.


  3. glad to read things are getting back to normal. great lo's !