22 mei 2008

new Pics :)

*** Edited*** Here are the pics :D. This is my yellow wall, On the end of this wall (not on the pic) there are some really ugly cabinets stuck to the wall filled with Internet stuff. All this stuf is going to be removed someday, and then I can use this piece of wall also for more goodies :D

Here is the Orange Cabinet. I need to do the drawers one more time. This wall, I decided not to paint. One day (same day as the ugly cabinets) this wall will be stucked and painted

This is my pink wall, you can see the ugly cabinets here:D

And the stampingcabinet! I am so Happy with this one! My dad once made it for my mom to put all of here fabrics in it. Now its mine and bleu :D

I will post the other pictures tonight if Internet will work :D.
For Everyone who loves contests and awards.. You have still time to enter to the ScrapAwards!!!
Happy scrapping!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. wowzers,looks gorgeous girlfriend!

  2. ziet er helemaal te gek uit !!!!
    dat stempelkastje lijkt me zoooooo handig !!

  3. That is coming along fast!! Love all the happy colors in your new scraproom AND the layout and doorhanger in your last post!!

  4. Ziet er heel spannend uit met al die kleurtjes