18 mei 2008


Yup the cabinet is getting Orange.. Shiny orange. The walls are finished (Well finished.. I just decided to not do 1 of the walls, since it is a brick wall. When Martin is redoing the office end of this year the wall will be pretty :)), the stampingcabinet is finished, and the first orange layer is on the cabinet. Today I am going to empty the whole space, put the furniture in the right spots, paint the cabinet again. (Then the day will be over I think LOL). I will make picture's of the progress.. or shall I just do the endresult?I still need some other cabinets or things, but I will first put everything in the room before I will buy new or search for other things.
I did finished my lay-out I started (and almost finished) at the SiS crop. The journaling say's: Where ever I am, If we are togheter it feels like Home.
Also I made a little doorhanger for my new space.
I also have a small wall above my windows. I think I want to make a text there. First I wanted picture's framed, but its concrete... so hard time drilling there! Any ideas? I dont want the easy words like create art, simplify etc.. I do like them, but I want something that makes me smile :) Like this Cappucino I got at the lunchroom
Happy Scrapping!
Hugs Martine

4 opmerkingen:

  1. can't wait to see the photo's ! Love the finished project too, what about a "vt wonen magazine" type rack no need for driling holes and such ? You can make canvasses with words on there or put you're favorite books on it ? They sell them @ trendhopper. Or you could use the cricut expression, vinyl and the new home deco cartridge and go wild ;)

  2. that is such a gorgeous little doorhanger, beautiful martine!!

  3. Yeah an update...Wanna see pictures girl!!!!Sounds awesome!

    Layout title is fab!

  4. wanneer ik op je blog klikte was ik me aan het afvragen hoe het kastje er nu uitziet. nog effe geduld dus.
    heel lang geleden heb ik me ook op SIS aangemeld maar veel snap ik er niet van. ik ben er waarschijnlijk te weinig mee bezig.