13 mei 2008

Working on....

My new Scraproom... We decided that it is time to join my goodies togheter and move in an empty officespace in Martin his Office. We life in a rather small appartment, so I have only a desk and a bookcase for all my stuf. If I was a clean and organized person it would be ok.. But I am not :D. So Martin often finds al kind of scrapbooking supplies back in his bed because I scrapbook on his side of the bed. The office is just 5 minutes away from our house. You even can see it from our balkony. I can do whatever I want with it and its 2.90 M by 4 and a LOT of daylight! So I decided to make it a compleet ME room. If we move out there, I just paint everything white again :D So one wall is this color:

And the other one will be this color
:D Bright huh!
Then my dad made a while back a cute little cabinet for my mom's fabric's. She doesnt use it anymore and its Perfect for holding stamps! I painted it in this color: (it will be on the yellow wall)

Now the hard part :D I wanted a big worktabel at the side, but I also wanted storagespace beneath it. So I went to a secondhand store and bought this beauty! (picture is from internet tho, but I bought the same one..

its 2.80 long and 40 cm deep. I am not sure how high it is, but it was a good height. I am picking it up tomorow. The big question now is, What color is this beauty going to be?
So now I am looking for cool way's to store my pens, tools and most of all, all my stickers, rub-ons etc.. How do you store them? Love to see!
Enjoy the sun!

9 opmerkingen:

  1. AWESOME!owmy im way jealous!How are you gonna scrap on that beauty btw??

  2. oOOo....how exciting!!! paint it turquoise!!!!!
    can't wait to see the photos of the finished thing!

  3. Nou daar ben ik dan ook een keer met een berichtje...zal niet lange lurken....haha...

    Wat een super kamer moet dat worden zeg! Je brengt me op een idee...alleen denk ik dat mijn hubbie daar niet zo blij mee zal zijn aangzien zijn plek een buro naast mij is....hahahaha!

    Groetjes Anneli

  4. Ik zou oranje toevoegen ;-) Ik ben heeel benieuwd naar het eindresultaat!

  5. Paint it metallic silver i reckon, a girl needs some bling from time to time ;) We wanna see photoooo's!
    Have fun re-arranging! I keep pens and tools in the tote together on my desk, so that -when i want to sit somewhere else in the house- for instance watch Draadstaal downstairs :D and scrap at the same time i take it with me in one go :)

  6. I'm all into lime green. Show pictures when you're finished?

  7. wow what a great idea, love the colors hope to see the pics soon ! I don't have a lot of "pretty" storage options for pens as I have to move my stuff about a lot. I love the making memories carrousel though wish I had room for that. I keep all my pens & stuff in cute metal buckets that I hang on the IKEA rail.

  8. ik zou het in het wit verven en daarna bloemetjes en zo erop schilderen.
    mijn rubons? ik heb van die plastieken schuivenkastjes op wieltjes. ondertussen al een stuk of 4. 1 kastje zit vol stickers en rubons. ik heb ze gesorteerd op thema. bv:kat, jongen, kerst, quotes,.......

  9. Hi Martine,
    really cool colors!!! Can´t wait to see the results, so pleeeease show us some pictures of it!
    Best regards from Germany, Sylvia