6 mei 2008

Update :D

(Three Musketeers:D)
so, this is a long time no posting! I am sorry, but I have a good excuse. I just spend the whole week with my family and friends, doing fun things and enjoying the weather! It was such a fun and good week!
We started Friday, My Twinsis, Dad, and 2 of my cousins (Damian&Fenna) picked me up from work. It was already good weather! Saturday we went shopping on the market, and eat delicious white sandwiches with strawberries. Martin his favorite summer food. He found a friend in this because the little Fenna almost beat him with the ammount of strawberries! (2 years old!!!). Sunday the "grandparents" watched the kids and Martin, Twinsis and I went shopping in Amsterdam. It was so much fun!. We didn't bought anything for ourselves tho, everything was for the kids:)
Monday I had to work overtime to be free on Tuesday. We went to the "sprookjesbos" (fairytalewood?) in Enkhuizen. We also took the babygirl from our brother with us. Togheter with dad, mom, sis, twinsis and 3 kids we had the day of our live! The day started with rain, but I even ended up a little sunburnd! (Tamara (BigSis))(Cheeky Damian!)(Beautiful Park and Nature!)(A very tired cute little Rose)(Love this Picture of Damian in the little Train, He looks so far away, but dont let him fool you :D)(A little conversations with Grandma)(Fun!)(The boats!)(Ganzebord)(This picture is so funny!, the sign say's: Feel free to look around but with your eyes and not with your hands)(Not only little girls are curious)(In the train)
Wednesday was queensday! Everybody where's orange, and we have fleemarkets, fairs, food and music al over the place! It was a good day full of friends, family,fun, eating and a bit of rain :D Thursday we relaxed, went to a fabricmarket (bought some cute buttons!) and to an gardenstore (Intratuin). Friday we went swimming with friends (Carina, Sander and 2 kids, Luna&Sem). too bad we needed to leave after 2 hours because poor Luna had hurt here chin (jumping backwards from the slide, wasnt that good of idea) and needed to see a dokter. Thank God, everything turned out ok and the brave little kid has a beautiful bandage (where she is very proud of!). The rest of the day we played outside and we went to eat chinese in the evening.
Saturday we relaxed, We ended up at our parents house, eat Pancake's and played Katan. It was truly a fun night!
Sunday the little kids and there parents went home again, and Martin and I spended the day at his dad and went shopping at Batavia Stad. I even bought clothes! (Oilily and Zaza)
Tomorow I am free, and will spend my day behind my Scrapbooking supplies (or the sun, dont know yet :D)

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  1. wow, it looks like you all had a GREAT Time!!!! and such nice weather for it too :)
    i bet i could beat martin in the strawberry eating...i can eat them until they come out of my ears ;)

  2. Wanneer ik dit lees geniet ik er weer van. Het was een top week

  3. Sounds like so much fun!Great pictures :)