28 mei 2008

Toppers & scraproom :)

O yes, we went to the toppers in concert! It was a real fun evening and we (read Sabine and I) danced and sung our hearts out :) Here are some picture's we made that evening. (for the peeps outside Holland.. The Toppers are 3 dutch singers who loves to go way over the top and sing all good old time songs the whole night trough, normally its not the kind of music that sits on my Ipod.. but for one night its pure fun)

(And yes we have pink boa's around our necks :D)
My Scraproom is getting to get shape.. :) I still have A lot to do. But I am already In LOVE! Especially this wall:
I have 2 paperracks (Leftover from the store. always handy :D) My little kabinet, the stampingcabinet and some shells.
Inside the stampingcabinet I store my paints, stamps (ofcourse) and everything that belongs in that category.
I think its the only thing in my scraproom that is nice and tidy.. because this is how the rest is looking:D
Happy Scrapping!
Hugs Martine

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Fun you went to the Toppers. A great evening out I can imagine. And gosh your room looks great, nice to have a lot space to store your stuff and visible what you have in stock!!!

  2. wow and I thought I have a lot of stuff LOL. It's looking so great, you will have lots of fun playing in there I'm sure !

  3. HAHAHA love to see the rest of the room!That wall looks sooooo good though...And are you serious?Toppers in concert?WHAHAHA

    (p.s.Is that Martin?Did he quit Sonja Bakker?)

    LOL i am so evil,i'm aware :D

  4. Ziet er gaaf uit die kamer! Even wat anders... omdat ik op dit moment redelijk radeloos ben... probeer al de hele avond een mail naar SCRAP te zenden maar krijg 'm via alle mailadressen weer terug. Kan de mailbox bij jullie vol zitten... wat moet ik nu doen?
    zou je me dat willen mailen naar mijn voor- en achternaam aan elkaar en dan xs4all.nl Alvast hartstikke bedankt en dan hoop ik dat ik na alle mailstress nu eindelijk kan slapen...

    groetjes van monique helfrich

  5. ik ben stiekem al een tijdje verliefd op je blauwe kastje !!!!!!!!