2 jun. 2008


Today it is Martin his Birthday! He turned 29:) Happy Birthday Babe :D
Yesterday we cellebrated his Birthday. And since everyone have babies these day's we decided to trough a kidsparty! It was the best party ever! Because when the kids have fun, the parents have fun.
The kids could decorate there own cake! It was so fun to watch and the kids had a blast.. Cute to see the differants in the kids.. One is waiting for permittion, the other digg in with 2 hands. Here are the picture's of the day!
(The reaction when I ask for an spontanious normal picture :D)
(The "stuff" that goes on the cake Decorating :))
(A beautiful mom (Anita) watching her son (Ricardo) Enjoy
(princess Luna)
(Watching TV (Luna, Damian, Roos, Sem, Fenna)
Will be back tomorow with a Toot and some lay-outs!
Happy Scrapping!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Als nog van harte gefeliciteerd en wat een leuke manier om je verjaardag te vieren als je vrienden met kinderen komen. Super!!

  2. fantastische foto's !!!!!!!!!
    leuk idee om je taart zelf te versieren.