4 jul. 2008

Scraproom :)

Ok.. This is going to be a very long post and all and only about my new scraproom/office. This space is not at my home but at the office from my BF. It is about 5 minutes from my home, so no problems here :)
I painted one wall yellow and a other one pink. I painted a retro cabinet orange and a stampingcabinet my dad made aqua. In front of the Yellow wall I put a kabinet from Ikea that used to be in the store.

In there I have baskets with all kind of things, like tape, non-scrapbookinsupplies, finished Minibooks, Left-over scraps, Chipboards, Embellishments, Fabrics etc. In the 2 Orange baskets are my stacks of glue/dubbelsided tape and in the other one wool and fibers

In the cabinet I have a sewingmachine, books&Albums, stuff to alter, Cardstock, beads and boxes with embellishments

On top of the cabinet are 2 buckets with all my pencils. I fell in love with these buckets, even more when I founded out the where only 1.80 :)

Next to the cabinet I have some drawers. I have to find a way to fix the cute one with all the colors, because all the drawers fall out because the kabinet is too wide. I used to have all my stickers&rub-ons in it, but I got tired of the drawers keep falling out. Now they are in the drawer next to it, but now the stacks are too high to easily find something.. So not happy with that part yet. In the green box are all my letterstickers. I use them all the time and really like how I can flip trough them to find the right one. I am addicted to them :)

In the middle is my big table where people can crop, or where I can sit with all that space around me... Dont worry I can fill it in about 10 seconds :D
On the table I have some little bowls with new stuff, or stuff I like to use on my lay-outs. At the end of the table I have some little kabinets with glue, pens, knifes and scissors. Alway's handy to have in reach!

On the other wall across the yellow one I have my Orange retro cabinet and stampingcabinet. Next to that I made some shells and racks and on the other side are 2 leftover paperracks from the store.

Inside the cabinet I store my rubberstamps, acrylicpaint, paintdabbers, cracklepaint, embossingpowders, inks, glitter and stickles

Under the stampingcabinet is the orange cabinet. Its on standinghight so I can use it as working surface. My die-cut machine is on it as well. Inside the kabinet are stamps, inks, tools, paint etc, dies, templates etc. Not every kabint is full yet, but that will be soon when I have sorted everything out.
Next to the stampingcabinet are the shells with yars filled with ribbons & Buttons. Onder the shells I wanted to put a rack for the ribbon, but the ribbonspools dont fit then, so now I use a ribbon instead. Not ideal, but I will figure something out for that
Under the shells are racks with yars on it for tools, scissors and paintsupplies, under there are the always handy hooks :)
Under the stamping cabinet I also have 2 big yars filled with flowers. I really cant buy any new ones!
Next to that I have my paperacks. I sorted it out on brand

On top of that there is my little cabinet filled with glas jars with brads, eyelets and other small embelishments. I used the flowerjars for this also

On the small wall (next to the door) is the pink wall. On there is my desk where soon will be a PC and printer and stuff. for this moment I store my clearstamps in there and other things. I got a Ipod doc from my BF so I can listen my music (Music with being creative is a MUST!)

Next to that I have my old Ikea cabinets, that I still need to Alter. On my desk you see an organiser, that is a gift for my sister.. but I would love to keep it, because it looks good standing there dont you think ?? :D
(I know!!! )
So this is my room! I am SOOO happy with it! It turned out exactly how I imagined it, and if you want to come and spend some time in here, Your welcome!!
Happy Scrapping!

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  1. Hoi,
    Een mooie kamer geworden!
    Dat biedt zeker inspiratie voor mijn nieuw te maken hobby-kamer!
    Zeker naar Ikea geloof ik!
    Ziet er erg leuk uit, ik kan me voorstellen dat je er erg blij mee bent!

    Groetjes Marianne

  2. wow! this is amazing.
    i am so jealous lol

    you will be creating great things there. can i come over and play?!

    enjoy it!!


  3. I am so jealous!!! LOL
    One of my dreams is to have my own craft room someday :)

  4. Wow, ziet er te gek uit Martine. Daar kun je je vast wel een paar uurtjes vermaken. En die oranje emmertjes zijn te schattig.

  5. Holy cow! What an awesome studio - and it's soooo organized! (Can you come and organize mine for me? It's a disaster right now. ;)

    Jeanie (Kaleidoscope)

  6. Ohhh girl this looks fab. I can not wait to see it for real. you can be proud at your self hoop you have lots of scrapfun in your new room.

  7. Very, very cool. I love it. One day ... I hope to have my own scrap space.

  8. Woohoo this is such a cool scraproom!!! I'm soooo jealous. I don't have my own room :-(

  9. Oh wow! So gorgeous and inspirational, I am so jealous. Enjoy.

  10. Another jealous here lol

    Awesome space! Enjoy it!

  11. Helen/buster55904zondag, juli 06, 2008

    You did an amazing job organizing your craft room. I can't wait, until I find some time to organize my room.


  12. Kamer is prachtig Martine. WOW, ik ben (bijna) jaloers op de ruimte. Alles zo georganiseerd, en bij de hand. Lijkt me heerlijk om zo te gaan scrappen.
    Geniet er van. Via je blog geniet ik wel met je mee.


  13. Okee...je hebt echt teveel spullen haha! Wel supernetjes zeg!

    Enne..zag ik dat jij niet alleen dezelfde naaimachine hebt maar ook de "baedeker voor de huisvrouw" (dacht ze te zien op die foto boven de foto met het speldenkussentje)..

  14. You're room looks awesome!! Love all the bright and cheery colors. IKEA rocks!! :) I like the way your flowers are, your patterend paper tower (drooling), the blue shelf you painted...just everything. Have fun with your room!

  15. what an awesome scrap rooM! you are so LUCKY!

  16. Jeetje wat ben jij een bofkont zeg en wat ziet het er geweldig gezellig uit!! Het lijkt wel een winkeltje:) Heerlijk om hier te scrappen. Veel plezier!!

    Gr. Jacq

  17. ok dat is dus echt scrapbook heaven. Vind dat je het geweldig leuk, inspirerend en vrolijk hebt ingericht. En tuurlijk wil ik een keer komen spelen, wanneer kan ik op je scrapfeestje komen LOL?

  18. Wow Martine, ik zit hier met m'n mond open naar je foto's te kijken. Dat ziet er echt fantastisch uit! Ik zou ook wel blij zijn met zo'm scraproom, maar moet het voorlopig nog met een hoekje in m'n slaapkamer doen.
    Groetjes, Annelies

  19. Wow, I am sooo jealous! I wish I had all your space and that amazing room. Where did you get your tall paperracks from...I would so come scrapbooking with you but I live in Canada and would take me too long to get where you probably are...lol

  20. I love all the bright and happy colors!!! I'm getting ready to redo my space and am bookmarking yours for inspiration! :)

  21. wouahou !!!It is super arranged good!! and pretty material!
    it's very beautiful !

  22. OOOOhw wauw zeg wat een gave kamer heb je

  23. WOW! Wat gaaaaaaaaaaf! Ben er ff stil van. LOL.

    xx Naoual