1 jul. 2008

Shoes & Iris

I broke trough my scrap-dip! jeeej!!! Thanks to the online crop of the Yahoo group! The challenge was to make a lay-out about your shoes, or one with blocks. I made both!
Me and shoes dont go togheter very well, Especially the shoes I like the most. I have a weakness for these and in the store I will make excuses like, I need to walk them in, or my feet are thicker because of the end of the day. Well they dont fit, NEVER!
I have about 8 of them in my closet, most of them they only went out once. (for the party they are bought for, like this one; they where bought for the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki)... Too bad because I would want to wear them everyday!
Iris, My newborn niece.. I dont think I have to add something more:D
The picture arent the best ones, because I want to post them now, and not tomorow morning :D)
Thanks for the Inspiration & Happy Scrapping!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I love your layouts,especially the shoes one!

  2. heel mooie lo's !!!
    kdenk dat iedereen wel eens een scrapdipje heeft.

  3. Love your shoe layout and the one of your little niece is touching. Nice you've scrapped her already.

  4. the look great Martine and I am glad we helped you out of your scrap dip.

  5. very cute (and the shoes too, I have a pair of red polka dot ballerina's ;) ...) LO's the 1st one is quite "bare" for you but I like it !

  6. Your layout with the shoes is so gorgeous!! It`s beautiful.