31 aug. 2008

Bye Bye

We're leaving!!! 2 whole weeks, no work, no computer (ok ok we bring our laptops hehe). 2 whole weaks of 7 peeps in 1 car, of 4 adolts and 3 kiddo's. 2 whole weeks in Drente crossing our fingers for beautifull weater. Cant wait!!! We're leaving tomorow. I just finished my DT work for Scrapabilly. If you want to know what I made...You will have to check out there site around the 1st of September :D
I still need to pack, search things out.. Officially I have a major deadline for Scrap! (I will come backt the 15th and the deadline is the 18th, but I can not decide what to bring, so I dont bring any scrapbooksupplies at all..(also I dont have all the things in already). I do bring a cute inspiration/notebook, to write down all my inspiration :D
I am hoping we have some internetconnection in the little house, because I want to make a little blog/video/diary... I so love watching those short movies!
ok.. no more delaying! Start packing!
See you soon!

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Have fun Martine, and Martin too.
    Just enjoy the time together, and with the kids.
    That is the best thing there is.

  2. Wish you a lot of fun and keep my fingers crossed for you for a lot of sunshine.

  3. So a little birdie told me you're back... Had a good time??? ;-)