16 sep. 2008


I am back!!! And boy o boy did we had fun!! We just spend 2 weeks with my sister here family. I cant eat any more pancakes, fries or icecream and I/we need a serious diet but it was a lot of fun!. We went to a lot of playgrounds, swimmingpools and the ZOO. two weeks without mobile phones, internet or scrapbooking. I dont even think I have read a page in a book or watched a whole movie. I did won a game of Katan :D
When we got back both our emailboxes exploded! A lot of questions about Scrap! the Scrapawards, from the yahoo groups etc. A lot to catch up!. Also I started school today!. It was a weird and strange day. Our assignment is about streetart, so I spend the afternoon walking aroung Amsterdam to take pictures. Not a bad thing to do right!. I also have a HUGE box of scrapbookingsupplies and a LONG to do list all for this week, and no inspiration to work on it.. Ah well. My mom just said that she is going away for the weekend instead of celebrating here birthday so I got another day to work on this! The pictures wil be coming soon!
HUgs Martine

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Welkom terug en ben benieuwd naar foto's en je leuke scrapspullen!!

  2. oooh leuk klinkt je eerste schooldag ! Wat zul jij rleaxed zijn zonder pc of mobiel echt rust ... Ben benieuwd naar alle nieuwtjes ;)