17 sep. 2008


Just a few minutes of time, so here are a few of the picture I took with my little camera.. I am a bit disapointed how they turned out, Very blurry. I probably forgot to put back a setting or something. I will need to figure it out, because I need to take a lot of picture for my school, and I dont want them to be blury, but I also dont want to bring my big camera to school everyday... Hmm.. we will see. :)
Here is Damian in the swimming pool, he is going to start swimminglessons this week, He will be a happy little fellow when he can go out swimming without his airbands on..
Can you believe this sweet little baby is Iris! She is already 12 weeks old! and soo big! She enjoyed the swimming very much. In fact she smiled this way the whole holiday!
In the spare good weather times we did a little picknick in the backyard of the cabin. Fenna and Damian loves to play with the grownups :D
French Toast! (Wentelteefjes) YUM!!!
Ok back to be being busy (omy.. is it 20.27 already... I still need to buy food and cook diner whoops!)
Hugs Martine

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