18 sep. 2008

Lay-out share

Before I went on holiday I finished my lay-outs for the September Kit from Scrapabilly. They are made with the beautiful Chatterbox papers. I heard on my holiday that I am not in the DT of Chatterbox.. Too bad, I really wanted it!, maybe better luck next time!
A get well card

So today I learned a lot on artschool..(Portret, lighting, sitting on the Dam, in the sunshine watching and drawing poeple :D) The ideas are popping in my head, and I cant wait to start on some projects. I also need to scrapbook a LOT.. and actually I need to finish that first, but I dont think I can work on it before I started on my assignments for school. This weekend I will be spending a lot of time outside taking pictures for 1 assignment, paint for an other one, scrapbook for work and be creative all weekend long. I even think I will buy a lot of Red bull, and download some new podcasts and scrapbook trough the night... OO boy do I hate my life :D:D
Happy Scrapping!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. very cute lo's ! Good luck on the scrap/designmarathon...

  2. AWEEE too bad you didnt make it girl!No worry's girl,other things will get on your path!