29 sep. 2008


Do you have some spare time left? some inspiration and above all a housecleaner? Please send them all my way :D
It is not normal how hard Martin and I are working. Every night we are at the office till around midnight, to go to bed and be up and shining again early in the morning. I am still not finished with all my articles and not finished yet with my homework.. especially the photograph assignment is hard for me to do.. I really need to go somewhere to do it.. but everytime I planned on doing it, the weather is bad, or it is too late already etc etc.. But I need to finish it by wednesday.. so tomorow is my final day... So when the weather is bad tomorow.. I will be standing in the pouring rain making pictures LOL. Friday will be my day at the publisher, so I better have all the things finished before that. Friday is also the day that Martin his Father and Sister will go to Hungaria to buy a second house there! I am sooo proud of him, that he is doing this all by himself, and I hope he will found the peace and harmony he despertly needs.
ok.. Artschool.. I took some pictures of my drawings.. remember.. there my first, and not good at all.. but I still want to show what I will be making now, so I can look back at the end of this journey to see how much I learned :D

(This are tomatoes... but it looks like pumpkins hihi)

This is one part of a 3-painting. Today I totally painted it red, and altered it allot, so it doesnt look like this anymore hehe.... There are 2 more paintings of this girl in the making..
For our house.. That is a whole other story.. you must think when you are never at home, you cant make a mess.. But I think we have little poeple living in our house when we are not there.. The entire house (ok ok it is not that big!) is a mess.. The floor in the hallway is still open, the cabinets are in front of other cabinets, The foodcloset under the stairs is smelly because it turned out that the whole floor is soaked too.. (So I emptied it.. and put a lot of the products back, but not everything so the floor can dry, but now are all those products in my livingroom)... This weekend we are going away for a short weekend with family (40 peeps in 1 house.. wish us luck hehe). I am looking forward to it tho.. But I am afraid I need to bring some homework..
But for now.. Need to buy some food.. And I am going to watch TV all evening! (ok and some handsewing for an article..) and relax...
Hope that everything is settled a bit down soon!
Big Hug!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. druk druk druk. Leuk om je eerste artwerk te zien. Mocht je een dagje over hebben en wat tips willen qua tekenen of fotografietips dan moeten we maar een keer afspreken :)


  2. Owww wat een drukte Martine! Ik moet je eerlijk zeggen dat als ik in jouw schoenen zou staan, ik wel lichtelijk gestoord zou raken hoor! Maar ik hoop dat jij wat makkelijker van aard bent! Ik hoop ook dat het lukken wil met je foto's, het weer is vandaag niet zo best (hier in ieder geval!). Je tekeningen zijn super! Ik vind het zo kunstig dat iemand dat kan! Vooral je laatste werk vind ik lekker artsy.
    Héél veel succes gewenst met alles, enne... denk je wel een beetje om jezelf????

  3. Je bent gewend aan deadlines dus ik ben er van overtuigd dat het je gaat lukken. Veel succes.

  4. glad you are enjoying art school...and producing your first work! it's reminds me of my time at art school...FUN!

  5. wow het ziet er goed uit hoor ook al is het je eerste werk ik doe het niet beter.
    succes nog de komende dagen

  6. je hebt een persoonlijke pa nodig ;) veel succes met alles, het ziet er allemaal leuk uit, goed blijven plannen dan komt het vast goed !