13 okt. 2008

Soon, real soon

Will it get a bit les hectic here! I am still working a LOT and need to finish a lot of deadlines.. (Sorry Sylvia!!!!) This friday and monday I will be at the office finishing off, and then I am done! (well.. for Scrap! that is :)) and will I have time to relax a bit and clean my scraproom. I will also have vacation that week! My sister and here kids are coming to L'stad that week, so it will be a lot of fun. She is coming to help me with my room and we are both going to help Martin at the office, but besides that we will laugh, drinking tea, shop and take the kids out to do some fun things! Maybe I will have time to put my vacationphoto's online.
Tomorow we have a presentation at school about my 3 paintings. Wil also photograph them! I hope the teacher likes them. I am not that happy with them, I like them for about 70%, but hey.. there my first paintings. My other project about streetart, isnt done yet. We have got extention for that one, and Wednesday there will be a photo presentation. So this week there are all new assigments starting. We need to make something with paradise.. Not sure what precise, but I will hear that tomorow. We also need to make something futuristic. How we see the world in 10 years, and let it show in 1 object or shape... pff that is a hard one, but fun too!..
Made 2 lay-outs and a minibook tonight, also I am making cards that I actually like! (can you believe it! :D) They are all for the Magazine, so cant show anything yet.
So any inspiration about the future or paradise, is welcome!

2 opmerkingen:

  1. good luck with all the assignments...and don't forget to enjoy it all too!!!!
    enjoy your sister coming over.

  2. LOL en ik dacht dat ik het druk had gehad in de herfstvakantie ...