19 okt. 2008

Fall Holiday

Almost ready! I am finishing little things up today, and tomorow at the office and then I am Finished!!!. I cant wait to clean my house, sort out my scraproom, do some relaxing scrapbooking, go shopping and spend time with my family!. We picked up Rianne and the kids at Zwijndrecht yesterday. We went back home with the train. Normally we only have to transfer onle 1 time.. but yesterday we need to it 4 times because of railworking. Not an easy job with 2 kids and a baby and a lot of bags. But the kids where little angels and we had a lot of fun. We where back at home at 10 o clock in the morning, because Martin needed to work a lot.. so awakend about 5.30 lol. It was a LONG day :D. I hope I can show you guys some scrapbooking this week.. I will also sort out my room, and I am going to sell a lot of things. Keep you eyes open if you are interested in some good scrapbooking deals :D
In the meantime I will leave you with some beautifulpictures of Iris. Anita took them while we where in Holiday at Drenthe.

Hugs Martine

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Ga lekker genietn van alles wat je/jullie van plan zijn. De foto's zijn prachtig. Ook die voor je opdracht - waren ze er tevreden over?