2 nov. 2008


I know I know, the holy man is not arrived yet, but in our household we are VERY busy already with this good man!. As you can see on my right, I placed a little gadget for the site http://www.vijftwaalf.nl/ . In this gadget you can request free sinterklaad poems.. You can choose to get already made poems that goes with a certain gift or experience (like being a newlywed for example) and you will get your poem in a minute in your mail.. Or.. (and this is the Fun part).. you can also get a poem written for you personally. and you will get in 24 hours and FOR FREE! (only in Dutch tho!).. This is the new website from Martin. He is a genius in writing and making poems.. So to promote his website, I would love it to help him out a little and ask to all my bloggingfriends to place this widget on there blogs or hyve (if you go to my hyve, you can copy the gadget from there (is a different size)... it is very easy! You can place it in a new post. All you just have to do is copy the tekst in the website and place it in your post, or place it in your blog like I did. Just add a Gadget in your "indeling" and then choose for HTML text and copyt the text.. thats it! Nothing easier then that.. So to promote it a Little, I will make a HUGE rak and give it away to one of the blogger or hyver that put the widget/gadget on there site/blog/hyve.. Leave a comment with your site to join the race... Will keep you up to date!!!
Hugs Martine

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