28 okt. 2008

summer/winter time thingie

Do you have it too? or am I just the only person who still have to adjust to the time thing.. Not that it borthers me.. I am just awake really early (and I know, poeple with kids are up and running already long before I do!). Not that bad, because I just do the dishes, look at my mail, drink some tea etc... But when i arrive at school I am pretty tired LOL. Maybe it also have to do a little bit because the rest of the night I dont sleep very well. Martin also is sleeping bad, but that is a whole differant thing. He is exited about is "sinterklaas" project that is going live this Saturday And he has an highschool Reunion that same day.. O and sunday, my BIL has a big Meet and greet day for his site, that we promisse to help. So I quess it is all al a little big too much for him right now hihi.We didnt got the Triptych presentation today, because the teacher was late (the lighting hit the train...whoops).. so he reset the date to tomorow!.. cant wait to see what he is saying about it. I took my Collage to school to show it to him, but he wasnt very exited about it... bummer!Also my November kit from Scrapabilly came in today and needed to be done by tomorow (the package was stuck at the office, since Martin worked at home last week). So I have been scrapping tonight and I think I got a record. I finishd 3 lay-outs, 2 cards and a doorhanger:D. Will take pictures tomorow (when the light is beter) and show them to you to. For now I will leave you with a Lay-out I did for Scrap! (its my sister Tamara with our Niece Rose, picture is by Anita Mundt)
(sorry for the rambling :D)Hugs Martine

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  1. ahum I have a problem adjusting all fall & winter ... I'm buying one of those wake up lights next week I'm fed up with not being able to get up in the morning ! Love your LO !! too bad he didn't like your collage, I did ...

  2. want one of these lamps too.. horrible problem ..
    love your layout!!

  3. Do not buy the wake-up light, I repeat, do not buy the wak-up light. I've been having the urge to kill birds since I have it :)