27 okt. 2008

triptych (Drieluik)

Today was the first day school after the Fallbreak. It felt good to go back to school, I even was awake an hour before the alarm. (but that is more because of switchting to wintertime, then feeling so happy to go back to school lol). We have our new assignments for this semester. I need to finish 3 projects. One about futurism, one about Romanticism and one about Love. Before the break we already had our Photopresentation. I got an 8 for that one! Our streetartproject is delayed till December. (nobody is finished with that assignment including me :D) and tomorow we will need to presentate our Triptych. Well here is mine!
We needed to take a text out of the newspaper and translate that into a triptych (Drieluik). But because I started school 2 weeks later, I didnt need to take a text as base. I took Elements as my base.... I am not 100% happy with them. I quess I will redo them after the presentation to see if I can adjust them a little bit more....(I dont like the white hearts for example, but the teacher was exited about them, so I kept them in it:D)
Any tips or comments are very welcome! (A bit insecure about this! lol). All the comments on my collage made me smile! Thanks!!!!!

5 opmerkingen:

  1. ohh mooi hoor Martine en ik begrijp wat je bedoeld het wit steekt teveel af tegen de mooi kleuren die je hebt gebruikt. Het enig wat ik zie is dat je op de donkere mevrouw geen licht hebt geschilderd op haar gezicht terwijl de andere twee dat wel hebben. Maar dat is misschien wel een beetje pietluttig.

  2. love the combination of colours and how they progress through the 3 pieces. i especially like the final one, it all seems to come together in that one!

  3. Vind ze prachtig Martine, ik doe het je niet na!
    dx Maaike

  4. WOW WOW WOW,pure art here!I am so impressed girl <3