25 okt. 2008

Collage try-out

Wow.. 2 posts on 1 day! Dont get used to it!!. I tried my first collage/mixed media piece today. It isnt exactly how I had it mind, but I do like the outcome of it. I painted the ballerina on a canvas paper and glued it to my collage background. I tried a lot of things to make it one piece, but I still found that the ballerina is not a part of the background. I need to learn a lot about this technique, so links and tips and inspiration are very very welcome (esp. youtube.. dont you just love watch little movies where they make art/scrapbooking/cards/projects??.. too bad that most of the mixed media/collage kind of movies only shows in speed how they make it, and not what kind of products they use!)... ok.. here she is.. Please tell me what you think of it!( Dont be gentle.. I can handle it :D)
Enjoy your weekend!
Hugs Martine

8 opmerkingen:

  1. Ooo... you've been busy!!! it's so nice to see your work developing. i love the techniques and textures you've used in the top and bottom right corners.. and LOVe the colour combinations there. you asked for CC...but the only thing i can say is the legs on the figure need to be a little longer? the proportions aren't quite right.
    I used to use a lot of collage, try adding more texture and overlapping some pattern from the background onto the figure to make the her become 'part' of the background.
    hope this helps...if not just ignore me :)

  2. anita heeft het eigenlijk al gezegt wat je nog kunt proberen. verder vind ik hem erg leuk geworden! ik doe nu een art journal class van dina wakely om dat ik ook al heel lang zoiets wil gaan maken en er maar niet aan toekom, dus van mij zul je binnenkort ook iets te zien krijgen :) hopelijk word het netzo mooi als dat van jou.

  3. Wow, deze is echt geweldig!!


  4. Beautiful project and Anita and Corinne mentioned it already about the leg. The projects for Scrapabily are great love the mini.

  5. Wat ziet dit er geweldig gaaf uit zeg!

  6. WOW hij is super mooi!Ik vind hem helemaal geweldig :)