7 nov. 2008


ok.. i am tagged by mabo, so here it goes! (Thank you!!)
Link to your tagger and list these rules on your blog. Share 7 facts about yourself, some random some weird. Tag 7 people at the end of your post and link their blogs. Let them know they're tagged by leaving a message on their blogs.
Ok my 7 random (weird?) tags?
1: I love to cook, but hardly do it (no time, too much work etc etc.. and I suck in it too lol)
2: I am an official drugstore assistent (Drogist), but I need to redo an exam to be back in the business (it ended this year :D)
3: I do have my driverlicens but I do not drive anymore.. Too scared to drive, always has been, but 6 years ago I had a car accident.. after that it went downhill, and now I dont drive anymore. We dont own a car and I am very tired of poeple nagging me about driving again!
4: I am addicted to Youtube! i love getting new ideas or learn new techniques behind my laptop!
5: I snore! (really I dont believe this fact... but my boyfriend is telling me differantly :D)
6: My best friend is having a baby. At this moment I am official the only one of my friends (except for my sister that is) that is not pregnant or having kids of my own.. And it will take at least another 1,5 year before we even start on this journey
7: I am addicted to the Hema.. I cant walk in there without buying new things! I know.. its terrible!
I am tagging Fauve, Tanja, Corinne, Elsie, Francine, Anita and Danielle.. This are the blogs I hop by everyday.. (yes.. I am still bloghopping, and dont have blogroll or anything (I just dont understand the site.. )
Also i made a new lay-out this week. It was made with an Online Crop.. a lot of fun to do! too bad is was a bit quiet online, so I hope we will have more poeple joining us next time!
Also the new Scrap! is hitting the stores next week. The subcribers will get it this week!. So run to the stores! I did a LOT of scrapbooking for this edition, (also the lay-out on front yay!)

Enjoy your weekend, I will be going to the Kreadoe on Saturday, so Maybe see you there!
Hugs Martine

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