13 nov. 2008

What a week :)

But a fun one! I did allot of fun things. No stress and no obligations this week!. Last saturday my mommie and I went to the Kreadoe (a craftshow) and I bought NO scrapbookingsupplies.. I am sorry at this point, because I did want to have the SiS gaffertape sold by Scrapland.. and the cute Northpole series from Sassafras.. But hey.. now I have something to ask about for my birthday next week (thursday I am going to be 29 yikes!). I did bought a LOT of fabrics at Hip Handwerk. Next sunday I will joining my mom on a Bee (A Crop for quilters :D) to make some pillowsleeves.. or a blanket :) Sounds like fun and I am looking forward to it.. Not that I can sew.. but it is never too early/late to learn it right?..
Then Yesterday was a busy day. We went to the Rijksmuseum to see the Skull from Damien Hirst, the living richest artist. The skull is calles for the love of god. It is a platina skull that is covered with a LOT of diamonts. We went to a little room that was entirely black and dark.. and then. there in the middle of the room.. there is a little pilar, 4 spots and a beautiful beautiful skull.. OMG.. I never thought it would be this shiny and pretty (quesed I never have seen real diamonds before hehe)..You can only be in the room with max 15 poeple and not longer then 1 minute. But if you have the change to go see it.. Do! It is really pretty. After that we went to a speedvisit to all the greath masters like Rembrandt, Vermeer, van Gogh (in the Van Gogh museum), mondriaan etc..
A lot of fun, but we did speeded it up and I was at home at 3 :).
So I had a lot of time to do some scrapbooking. I am doing a journaling book.. and it is looking pretty good! Wil share it soon, when I am finished. In the evening my girlie Fauve came over to scrapbook. Damn she looked good! I really need to start doing some dieting :) Ofcourse we didnt scrapbook at all but we talked all evening :) it was fun! She went at home at eleven or something, right before my parents came. Because the stores where opening at midnight for the release of this:
yup the extention of Wrath of the Lichking. We stood for 45 minutes in front of the door.. At midnight the doors openend and OMG it was soooo busy! :) still fun tho to see all those poeple who play's the same game as we do.. We did felt about like outsiders because we where like THE only females there hihi. But I got the game..(the special edition), it is installed and ready to go.. So if you dont hear anything from me.. you know what I will be doing :D
Of to school now. I am making a painting that is 150 cm x 120 cm.. I already glued down some papers, draw a naked woman on it.. so I have enough to do today! (Will take a picutere :D) lol
Also (I almost forgot!), I am making little articles for the website www.scrapmag.nl everyday.. most of all are cute tutorials.. so please take a look to see if I did it ok? (bit insecure here hehe) Thanks! :)
And dont forget.. Sinterklaas is coming to town this saturday! You can find me at the dock :D
Hugs Martine

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  1. You are too kind :) It was fun,we should catch up again SOON!