20 dec. 2008

Busy Times

Wow the day's are flying! Really the go SO fast!. I got my presentation at school. The benefit of being on an artschool is that you hang your work on the wall and go home. That is your presentation :) LOVE it!. My grades where pretty good as well. I got all Sevens, some eights and two 6,8 so not bad huh!. They liked my digital work the best and especially the little robot man. Wednesday we celebrated "Sinterkerst" at the Publisher. It was so much fun to see everyone again. Really miss my sweet collegues... Thursday we went out with the company(Mag-Entertainment) and went Bowling, also a lot of fun. Too bad this week also has a downside. My dad is in the hospital again. This time it started with the sideaffects of his new medicine. He got blister all over his mouth so he could hardly eat anything. They stopped the medicine, but the blister where still there. He went to the hospital to get some strenght. Friday he also got a bit of fever and he has trouble breathing. It is looking like he has a bactierial pneumia, but the are not sure yet. Also his bloodrates are going down (the reason why he got the new medicine) so they need to look for some new medicine or a lower dose of the medicine (so crossing fingers here that the blisters dont come back, because they where really really bad). It looks like he is going to spend christmas in the hospital this year.... So we need to reschedule our planes. Nothing bad about that tho, whe are going to celebrate christmas big time anyway (to bring mom on some other thougts as well).. Dad is sad about spoilling our christmas again (He is being sick for 11 years now.. started 11 christmasses ago.. and I think he got some (new) things around christmas every year. I think he just started a new tradition right :)) So Tomorow I need to some christmas groccery shopping. My sis and the whole gang is coming tomorow too, I promised my other sis to start doing here scraproom, I need to christmas clean-up my house and I also need to do the christmas cards.. But I am not in the mood for them.. so I think I will skipp them this year... Thankfully I am free till January 4th! so I have enought time to help my mom, visit my dad and help family out and get some me time as well.
So already in advanced. MERRY CHRISTMAS and dont eat too much!
Big Hugs

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  1. sorry to hear this about your dad, hopefully the medication will help him instead of hurting him even more, will send a prayer out for him. good news about your grades :)


  2. sorry to hear about your dad sweetie, hope he is doing doing better after some time in the hospital ? congrats on the good grades !